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There's much to see here. So, take your time, look around, and shop for your feathered companions!  Our website is priced in USD to check out in other currencies please e-mail us or send a message on our Instagram and we will send you an invoice via PayPal or Stripe for your order.

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Disclaimer: While we make every effort to ensure our toys and/or parts are as safe as possible, we cannot assume responsibility or liability if your pet gets hurt or is injured as a result of using our products.  It is the responsibility of the caregiver to supervise their pet at all times to ensure safe & appropriate use of toys and equipment. Daily inspections should be made for dangerous parts or parts that have become dangerous from use or abuse, please monitor your birds toys daily. 

About Us


Safe & Non Toxic Bird Toys

Our goal is to make sure you and your birds are being offered non toxic and safe bird toys! So many companies sell toys that have unsafe parts and contain toxic materials.  We source all toy parts and pre-made toys from qualified companies.


Committed to Quality

We believe quality should never be a compromise. No matter what product you're looking for, we guarantee quality.

Our toys are handmade using high quality, non-toxic parts such as soft woods (balsa, pine, aspen), hardwood (maple), natural shreddables (maize, seagrass, coconut, willow, vine munch balls, wicker, bamboo shredders, loofah), birdie bagels, rope and cord (supreme cotton & sisal rope, paulie rope, seagrass rope & cord, coconut rope, hemp cord), acrylic, plastic, nickel plated (zinc free) hardware (chain, bells, pear links, O-rings, eye screws), vegetable tanned leather, fleece and other bird-safe materials.  

Your pet's safety is important to us. For that reason all items should be introduced to your parrot under supervision and monitored regularly. No toy is 100% safe as there will always be a bird who will find some way to hurt itself with anything within it's reach.  Remember . . . toys are not a luxury, they are a necessity! Birds need stimulation and enrichment in their life. Encouraging play and exercise (physical activity) with safe, quality products is one way to accomplish this goal. 


100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

Total customer satisfaction is our mission, however we have a no return policy on all of our items. This is a common policy among bird toy companies and is in effect for the safety of our customers' birds. By not accepting returns, we can guarantee that none of our items have come into contact with any birds.  This eliminates the threat of dangerous bird viruses being spread to your birds. 

We understand that it is sometimes difficult to choose the right items for your bird, so please contact us before you place your order if you have any questions.

We will gladly accept the return of products that are defective or damaged due to shipping.  Please email or call us as soon as possible to discuss your options.   

Thank you for giving EverythingBird the opportunity to serve you!

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