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Shipping Quotes & Information

Canada and USA packages - Take 5-10 business days to be delivered after we complete your order.  All toys by EverythingBird are hand made and can take up to a week to complete before being shipped out.  When we complete your order you will receive an e-mail notifying you that your package(s) has been fulfilled and ready to be shipped.

International Orders - Depending upon shipping wether be Ground or Air can vary from 10 - 24 business days to be delivered.  Some times it can take longer due to customs.  We cannot control how long a package will take entering into another country.  Some packages can be held up 2-3 months at customs.  We have never encountered that but we are warned once we ship a parcel.  Air is gauranteed delivery within 6-10 business days but that comes with a price.  Ground is cheaper but takes much longer.

EverythingBird Toys. 

As stated above all toys by EverythingBird are hand made and can take up to a week to be completed.  We ship packages once we are done making everything for that order.  1-2 weeks is our turn around time when we are back logged with orders say as "free shipping" we get anywhere from 10-30 orders.  That's a lot of toys for one person to make and ship within a week.  

Pre-Made Toys such as ZooMax

Toys that are pre-made by other companies ship within 1-3 business days unless ordered with EverythingBird Toys.  Then we ship the package as one so if you order hand made toys with pre-made toys, we will ship it all together in one package when the order has been fulfilled.


Q : what days do you ship?
A : We ship on Saturday/Sundays with Canada Post.  We ship every second weekend with USPS as we drive down to Blaine, WA.  

Q : Is shipping expensive?
A : Shipping can be VERY expensive and thats why we do our best to get you the cheapest and fasting shipping options available.  Shipping fees vary based upon the size of the box and how heavy the box is.  We use Canada Post and USPS as they are the fastest and cheapest options available.  

Q : How long does it take for my order to be fulfilled and ready to ship?

A : Our turn around time is usually 1-2 weeks when we are swamped with orders. If you have a simple, small order we usually ship next day. Please remember all toys by EverythingBird are hand made as ordered.  Each one is made uniquely so we don't have any pre-made.  We also offer customized toys so that plays into our 1-2 week timeline.

Q : Do I get tracking on my order?

A : Not all packages have tracking information.  Most International orders do not have tracking as that can be a fee from $50-$100 extra on top of the shipping price.  Most Canadian and USA packages have shipping however we do not offer tracking on free shipping parcels, unless the package is large and heavy tracking is not included in the price.  If you would like to pay the $5-$20 fee for tracking we can invoice you through PayPal and you will have tracking.

If you have any questions or concerns about shipping or a package please e-mail us right away and we will help you as fast as possible.