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  • Activity cube

    Please let us know what species this cube is for so we can make the cube's toys an appropriate size.

    The activity cube is a fun packed cube! it is 5 seagrass mats tied together with veggie tanned leather and polly rope.  It has a wooden perch inside, and multiple toys.  Each cube is unique with toys on the inside and fun chewable decoration on the outside for all around fun!  This size cube is more medium species.  Can be given to smaller species as well.

    Dimensions 15" x 15" x 15" doesn't include outside decorations, toys, hanger, and so on shipped in a 16" x 16" x 16" box.

    These cubes take a while to make so turn around time is quoted 3-5 days to complete.

    $10 flat rate shipping fee